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A community of fragile instruments

"Glass and music united feels like a match made in heaven – can´t imagine something more fragile and tintinnabulating."

"One of the final chords of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn, the concert performance, 'World of Glass' turned out precisely so shiny while joining the imagination of Norwegian musicians and Estonian glass artists into one comprehensive experience."

'World of Glass' is an occasional international art project fusing glass and music. Created by world renowned Norwegian musical innovators - Terje Isungset + Arve Henriksen - who work with esteemed glass artists, glass factories and Europe-wide cultural organisations to produce World of Glass performances, that enchant audiences with a detailed range of tonality and musicianship.

Terje + Arve's seemingly effortless ability to hypnotise listeners with their unique glass instruments, strikes a perfect balance of instinctive energy and masterful improvisation.

Terje Isungset / Percussionist

With over 20 years as one of Europe’s most accomplished and innovative percussionists in jazz and Scandinavian music, Terje Isungset is a master in taking improvised music far beyond traditional boundaries - he treads the finest line between sound artist and shaman.

Beautifully crafting his instruments from Norway’s wondrous natural elements such as arctic birch, granite, sheep bells, slate and even ice, Terje’s intricate compositions project a sensitive, rhythmic yet poetic sound, where themes of ‘timbre’ & ‘colour’ perform as central characteristics throughout his work.  

International critical media applaud Terje’s work as innovative, visual, energetic and different from previously known concepts. In regular demand composing music for jazz festivals, dance performances, theatre, TV, film scores and numerous collaborative projects, (along with a total of 40 commissioned concerts to date) Terje has also released nine critically applauded solo albums.

During the last decade Terje has found truly global fame with his original ‘Ice Music’ project. The conceptual founder of the Ice Music Festival and curator of each programme since the festival’s inception in 2006, Terje has performed his Ice Music in a bewildering array of countries: Finland, Japan, Poland, China, Russia, USA, Holland, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Sweden and of course Norway.

Working with long term collaborator Arve Henriksen, World of Glass is a natural extension of Terje’s musical dexterity.


Arve Henriksen / Trumpeter

"An interest in sound-making was there from the beginning of my work with the trumpet. I have spent many hours on developing a warm sound, for instance, but not only that. In my opinion, the trumpet has vast potential for tone and sound variations that we still have not heard.” / Arve Henriksen.

Recording extensively from the late 1980s, Arve is renowned for his distinctive, flute-like sound on the trumpet, inspired by the sound of the Japanese shakuhachi flute. The shakuhaci’s near meditative and minimalistic qualities have long fascinated Henriksen and its sound has sharpened his response to tone and the development of innovative recording techniques.

Many acclaimed solo albums, including 2004’s ‘Chiaroscuro’ and his ECM debut ‘Cartography’ in 2009 have been released seamlessly alongside many revered collaborative projects, with Arve acting as musician, arranger, producer or fellow band member. Collaborations include Jon Balke & the Magnetic North Orchestra, Nils Petter Molvær (fellow graduate of Trondheim Conservatory of Music) Stian Carstensen, Jan Bang, David Sylvian, Dhafer Youssef, Terje Isungset, Jon Hassell, Cikada String Quartet, Marilyn Mazur, Hope Sanduval, Eivind Aarset, Stian Westerhus and the Punkt Festival, to name a few.

Arve’s improvised alter ego forms one third of the formidable avant-garde Norwegian trio Supersilent. Trailblazing sonic boundaries since the late 90s, Supersilent have released 10 eagerly awaited recordings that litter the influential Rune Grammofon label, of which Supersilent’s debut album ‘1-3’ was the label’s first release in 1997.

In recent years Arve has pursued new recording techniques, focused more on his vocal range and deployed more electronics into his repertoire without losing sight of his Norwegian heritage and aural landscape. This musical odyssey has naturally lead Arve to join forces with Terje Isungset to enter a World of Glass.

www.isung.no + www.arvehenriksen.com

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